Trump, Cruz – Patriots or Partners with World Elite?

A recent Breitbart article captured my attention with the headline “Bill Kristol has Strategy to Give White House to Hilary IF Trump Should Win!” Now why would a leading Republican voice want to risk dismantling the GOP by helping the party lose to a criminal democrat who should really be behind  bars?  The true reason behind this declaration needs a closer inspection.

According to the Breibart report William (Bill) Kristol, the editor-in-chief of the Weekly Standard, was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe discussing Donald Trump’s campaign.  Kristol boasted he had a plan to deprive Trump of the 50% delegates required to secure the Republican nomination and force a brokered convention. He further declared that his scheme included cutting a deal which awards enough delegates to an “acceptable” candidate.  He also told Joe Scarborough that “we” have to stop the momentum and ensure Trump loses in both Florida and Ohio in order to keep the race open for another candidate to gain the nomination.

For the past few years the registered Republican numbers were on decline, however since Trump entered the race for POTUS, the numbers are once again increasing.  In fact the numbers are up a full 7% with larger than expected voter turnout for the primaries.  Logically would it not benefit the party to support such an historic populist front-runner?  It appears that the voting majority disagree with Bill about “the Donald” not being an “acceptable” candidate, so why did he state “we” must stop the momentum (of WE the People)?  The answers become apparent after a deeper investigation.


First, besides operating The Weekly Standard, who is Bill Kristol?  Bill was also the Co-Founder of Project for the New America Century a neoconservative think tank based in Washington DC with the stated goal of “promoting  American global leadership” via wars and aggressive foreign policies.  Quite the contrast of George Washington’s sage advice in his farewell speech in which he firmly stated “Observe good faith and justice towards all nations; cultivate peace and harmony with all”, in addition: “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliances with any portion of the foreign world.”  Washington’s speech should be read in entirety by all Americans to confirm that he believed true liberty meant not being aggressive with other countries, but instead not entangle with foreign alliances and focus on the sovereignty of the Republic. Yet the Project’s other co-founder, Robert Kagan, defined himself as “a liberal interventionist”.  Others who signed or funded the New America Century included former Vice-President Dick Cheney, former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and media mogul Rupert Murdoch (FOX News). PNAC released a statement back in June 1997 which included the following statement:

“We need to increase defense spending significantly if we are to carry out our global responsibilities today and modernize our armed forces for the future; we need to strengthen our ties to democratic allies and to challenge regimes hostile to our interests and values; we need to promote the cause of political and economic freedom abroad; we need to accept responsibility for America’s unique role in preserving and extending an international order…”

Although some Americans may believe the statement sounds positive, this was not the vision the Founding Fathers laid forth. For instance in 1799 Thomas Jefferson wrote a letter advising

“I am for free commerce with all nations, political connection with none, and little or no diplomatic establishment. And I am not for linking ourselves by new treaties with the quarrels of Europe, entering that field of slaughter to preserve their balance, or joining in the confederacy of Kings to war against the principles of liberty.”

Clearly PNAC’s goal was the complete opposite of the Founder’s intentions. So where did PNAC’s ideas originate?  Bill Kristol’s very own father, the late Irving Kristol was nicknamed “the Godfather of Neoconservatism”a label he proudly wore.


Irving Kristol was born in 1920, Brooklyn, New York to Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe. He was schooled with and supported radical socialism in the 1930s.  He later would become a contributing writer to “Commentary” which was a liberal Jewish Monthly Review magazine.  “Commentary” provided the intellectual roots for neoconservatism.  He also was an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

The neocon movement was formerly established in the 1960s by a group of socialist democrats which included both Irving and Max Shactman who was a prominent member of the Communist Party USA and considered a leading Marxist theorist.  However this group of socialist-communist democrats rejected the hippie counterculture movement and decided to vacate the democrat party and infiltrate the republican party instead.

By 1979 the neoconservative movement had gained notoriety and became the basis of the book released that year titled The Neo-Conservatives: The Men who are Changing America’s Politics.  Irving was prominently featured in the book.  When he was asked “What is Neo-Conservatism?”, he answered “it is not ideology but persuasion” and that neocons were truthfully “a liberal who has been mugged by reality”.

New World Order

Why did American politics need to change?  Neocons may occasionally refer to the Constitution which is the foundation of our politics but their agenda is clearly not Constitutional.  Since the Founding Documents are supposed to be our politics which formed a limited government model espousing the ideals of individual freedom and liberty, then what did they “change” in our form of government?  Former President George H.W. Bush, a neocon, announced in a state of the union speech, “We have before us the opportunity to forge for ourselves and future generations a new world order……….an order in which an incredible United Nations can use its peace keeping role to fulfill its promise and vision of the UN’s founders.” He did not affirm to keep the promise and vision of the Republic’s Founding Fathers, but instead the UN’s.

The United Nation’s is a one world government organization promoting “international cooperation”and was established after World War II to replace The League of Nations.  During his Nobel Peace Prize speech, United States Diplomat Ralph Bunche sounded “It is worthy of emphasis that the United Nations exists not merely to preserve the peace but also to make change – even radical change..”    Years later Americans would be bombarded with the word “change” during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign stating “Yes we can”.

Thomas Jefferson and company established America to be a country in which the people governed and were represented by individuals who defended the people’s rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness without government dictatorship.  In fact, Jefferson confirmed by stating:

“A Bill of Rights is what the people are entitled to against every government, and what no just government should refuse, or rest on inference.”

Thus the neoconservative movement is the exact opposite of the Founders’ intent!  American’s should be gravely concerned about the  fact that our government is filled with neocon politicians in both major parties with the stated goal of globalism under the UN, an organization who plots behind closed doors with the fake mantra of “peace” while instead implementing war against the people with programs like Agenda 2030, formerly Agenda 21, in which depopulation is considered the best option for “sustainability“.
Based on the facts above, when Bill Kristol threatened that “we’ had to stop the momentum of the Trump campaign, the “we” meant NEOCON global elite, who have plotted for decades to shred the Constitution, end American sovereignty for UN power, while profiting from aggressive wars and oppressing the world population all in the name of “peace and leadership”.
One example of their plot against sovereignty and liberty is their “Building a North American Community” written by prominent members of the Council on Foreign Relations.  The CFR website shows the following statement regarding the North American paper:

Sponsored by the Council on Foreign Relations in association with the Canadian Council of Chief Executives and the Consejo Mexicano de Asuntos Internacionales.

North America is vulnerable on several fronts: the region faces terrorist and criminal security threats, increased economic competition from abroad, and uneven economic development at home. In response to these challenges, a trinational, Independent Task Force on the Future of North America has developed a roadmap to promote North American security and advance the well-being of citizens of all three countries.

When the leaders of Canada, Mexico, and the United States met in Texas recently they underscored the deep ties and shared principles of the three countries. The Council-sponsored Task Force applauds the announced “Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America,” but proposes a more ambitious vision of a new community by 2010 and specific recommendations on how to achieve it.

Notice the end date was supposed to be by 2010.  In order for their neocon game plan to succeed, they need wide open borders, approval by the American people, and a cooperative POTUS.  Make no mistake had G.W. Bush, the Clintons, or Obama not agreed to the scheme, none would have been sleeping in the White House. The neocon world elite were banking on another Bush or Clinton making 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue their residence. Fortunately the American people are fed up and an uprising has occurred in which they do not want yet another neocon globalist aka “the establishment” further destroying their freedoms.
But this uprising has caused fear among the global elite establishment. Another editor, Martin Wolf from the Financial Times, is an active member of the Bilderbergs and recently stressed that the “global elite must stop Trump from winning“.  And who are the Bilderbergs?  According to the Bilderberg website, they are a group hosting informal annual meetings with off the record discussions on mega-trends and mega issues facing the world.  But in reality their meetings are far more sinister.  Last year the topics debated at their secret meetings included: “Artificial Intelligence, Cyber-security, Chemical Weapons Threats, Current Economic Issues, European Strategy, Globalization, Greece, Iran, Middle East, NATO, Russia, Terrorism, United Kingdom, USA, US Elections.”  Why in the world is this secret cabal debating about the USA and our elections?  Each year this secret society meets at a different hotel somewhere around the world, mainly the destinations are both ritzy and as remote as possible.  The location is always highly secured with a large area cut off to people.  In the past protesters and journalists alike have been arrested.  Why such security and secrecy, if it is merely some benign club simply discussing trends?
The Bilderbergs were established in 1954 by a global mix of a Polish politician, the Netherlands Prince, and the head of the CIA.  Invited guests included politicians, bankers, and media figures from around the world to discuss strengthening US-European relations.  One of the group’s founding members was British Labour Party politician and Secretary of State for Defense Lord Denis Healey who revealed, “To say we were striving for a one-world government is exaggerated, but not wholly unfair…..we felt that a single community throughout the world would be a good thing.”  This declaration proves that, like the neocons, the Bilderbergers’ vision are in stark contrast to the vision of the American Founding Fathers.  Although speaking on just the Republic alone, John Adam’s following statement can also apply to those who wish upon us a one-world government: “A question arises whether all the powers of government, legislative, executive, and judicial, shall be left in this body? I think a people cannot be long free, nor ever happy, whose government is in one Assembly.”
Now back to Bill Kristol who declared that Trump must be stopped and replaced with an “acceptable” candidate.  What would an “acceptable” candidate be for the neocon global elite?  Like his father Irving, Bill is both an active participate of the Bilderbergs and the CFR, the organization which drafted “Building a North American Community”. The Council on Foreign Relations website defines the group as “an independent, nonpartisan membership organization, think tank, and publisher.”  CFR members include U.S. and foreign politicians, bankers, corporate executives, journalists and even Hollywood insiders like Angelina Jolie and George Clooney.  What reason do entertainers, reporters, and politicians need to gather together behind closed doors?  Membership into this secret elite club ranges from $25,000 – $50,000.  Current CFR President (neocon) Richard Haas was a special assistant to (New world order) President Bush and aided in foreign policy during both Operation Desert Storm and Operation Desert Shield working closely with Colin Powell.  The CFR was founded back in 1921 to discuss foreign policy and international affairs.  Members of both parties united to promote globalization, reducing financial regulations on transnational corporations, and economic consolidation into regional blocs such as NAFTA or the European Union, and develops policy recommendations that reflect these goals. 
Their agenda, like the other two groups, is the exact opposite of the Signers of the Declaration. For instance, Thomas Jefferson wrote:  “I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.  If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around (these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.” Although Jefferson specifically used the term banking institutions, the CFR, Bilderbergs and neocons supporting the Federal Reserve System while meeting with bankers and corporate executives to discuss and determine our economics, behind closed doors, definitely still applies.
Therefore if we connect the dots based on the facts above, Donald Trump who wants to secure the border, bring back business to the US, Audit the Fed, end foreign aggression and strengthen American sovereignty would not be Kristol and cohorts “acceptable” candidate.  Although last summer Trump and Haas shared a brief meeting, Donald is not a member of either the Bilderbergs or the Council on Foreign Relations.  Confirming his outside the establishment position, Trump appointed Senator Jeff Sessions, who is also not a member of any of the treasonous groups, to be his Chief National Security Advisor.  Although Sessions’ support of the Patriot Act is unsettling, his consistent support in ending illegal immigration, securing the border, and not joining anti-American globalist groups is a plus.
So what current crop of candidates would be “acceptable” to the global elite groups?  First, Hilary Clinton (CFR & Bilderberg) who admitted in a speech that she receives advice from them on what she should be doing and how to think about the future.  Although Jeb Bush was another acceptable candidate sharing their same vision, the American people fortunately rejected his campaign.  But unfortunately Americans have embraced another establishment candidate, Marco Rubio.  In fact, Rubio was the first presidential candidate for which the CFR hosted for their 2016 session in which Richard Haas warned that this election was the most critical, since their “world order” lead by the United States had still not materialized.  During his speech at the CFR, constitutionally ineligible Rubio shared the globalist think tank’s philosophy of “America’s role as a security guarantor” for the world.
The third “acceptable” globalist elite choice for president may shock some readers who believe the candidate to be like Trump, anti-establishment, however this belief is indeed false in regard to Senator Ted Cruz.  Before sending hate mail, consider the following gathered facts and connections.  Like Rubio and Obama, Cruz is also not Constitutionally eligible for the Executive branch of government. Cruz supporters argue that he is eligible due to having a mother born in America, but this is not, according to the Founder’s intent, the only requirement for the natural born clause. A read of George Washington’s Farewell Address Speech alone shows significant clue on the Founders’ commitment to not being influenced by foreign interest, especially for the important role of overseeing the security, sovereignty, and liberty of America. Specifically the citizenry and loyalty of the father was more important than the mother during the period when the authors of the Constitution were drafting the guidelines for the Republic. For reference of loyalty the Framers respected the work of  Emerich de Vattel’s Law of Nations which includes the following definition of “natural born”:
The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The society is supposed to desire this, in consequence of what it owes to its own preservation; and it is presumed, as matter of course, that each citizen, on entering into society, reserves to his children the right of becoming members of it. The country of the fathers is therefore that of the children; and these become true citizens merely by their tacit consent. We shall soon see whether, on their coming to the years of discretion, they may renounce their right, and what they owe to the society in which they were born. I say, that, in order to be of the country, it is necessary that a person be born of a father who is a citizen; for, if he is born there of a foreigner, it will be only the place of his birth, and not his country.
For a more complete explanation on the Founder’s definition of “natural born” read the essay at .  Currently there are 9 lawsuits filed against Cruz and some include Rubio with a possible tenth being considered in the state of Indiana. Both candidates have fought to get the cases dismissed, extended, or not even heard unless they win the Oval Office bid.  Every voter should wonder why any self-professing constitutional conservative would not just want to provide voter confidence by allowing the cases to proceed in order to simply “settle the matter”.
CRUZ Certificate
What connection does the “natural born” clause have with being an “accepted” candidate for the global elite?  Because the possibility of being a loyal citizen of the world vs. a loyal American is aligned with their new world order agenda.  In 1788, James Madison wrote “…..every man who loves his country, every man who loves liberty ought to have it ever before his eyes that he may cherish in his heart a due attachment to the Union of America and be able to set a due value on the means of preserving it.”  How can a candidate who only allegedly renounced their Canadian citizenship less than two years ago be trustworthy to only have nativist allegiance?  Besides the Constitution explicitly states to be eligible for the Oval Office one needs to be a SOLE (not dual) American citizen for a minimum of 14 years.  A person who clearly understands this rule would be an honest defender of the Constitution; a person who debates the rule would be a compromised individual easily swayed into advancing the one-world government agenda.
Doubt the analysis?  Consider Cruz’s associations which include his very own CFR member wife, Heidi Cruz.  Although he has insisted his wife should not be examined since she is not the candidate, her neocon-globalist work should be reviewed by every intelligent voter.  Besides Michelle Obama was not off limits for Republican voter review, so why should Ted’s wife be excused, especially since she is the potential First Lady?
Heidi Cruz was not an ordinary “term member” as Ted declared.  For starters, the Term Membership program is similar to an apprentice program for which the individual learns and participates with events, but is not placed in any leadership roles or assigned high clearance tasks.  No Internet scrubbing can erase the fact that Ms. Cruz was a life member and one of the co-authors of the “Building a North American Community” (hyperlinked above).  According to the CFR website, she also served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative.
Heidi’s employer Robert Zoellick is both a CFR member and a Bildberger who was not only the 11th President of the World Bank, but also served as the Managing Director for (evil empire) Goldman-Sachs.  In addition Zoellick was appointed “new world order” George H.W. Bush’s White House Deputy Chief of Staff and personal assistant.  He also served as Bush’s personal representative for the G7 Economic Summits in 1991 and 1992.  His political associations also include being a member of the Trilateral Commission and one of Kristol’s PNAC signers.  Back in Mitt Romney’s failed 2012 POTUS campaign, Robert was appointed to lead his National Security team.
When Obama campaigned for office, conservatives and libertarians alike questioned both Barack’s and Michelle’s associations and history and voters should repeat that same vetting process since “birds of a feather flock together”.  Heidi Cruz’s entire career has been influenced and surrounded by neocon-globalists and new world order bankers as she also held a position as an investment banker with J.P Morgan and as an investment manager with Goldman-Sachs. In order to land all these positions, Heidi would not only need the credentials but also the philosophies in order to succeed.
Globalists, like former Mexican President Vincente Fox, have admitted the end game, aka their agenda, is destined to be complete in 2023.  If the one party global establishment, masquerading as two contrasting parties for voter sake, continues their game of “8 years POTUS terms”, then the next President would ‘cheer’ in the ‘new’ North American Union.  As thoroughly outlined by Gary Franchi in this video, if Ted Cruz garnered the position, Heidi would become the First Lady of the anti-constitutional union she helped to architect.
Ted Cruz’s own globalist resume includes legal policy advisor for the Bush-Cheney 2000 campaign, team leader of the Florida “hanging chad” recount team, Department of Justice Coordinator for the Bush-Cheney transition team, and a director at the Federal Trade Commission under the Bush neocon regime.  While Cruz has spoken like a Constitution champion on many occasions and those who meet him claim he is Mr. Wonderful, his and his wife’s employment history and network are alarming for anyone who truly loves American sovereignty and liberty.  Other warning bells to prove that Ted Cruz is an establishment candidate acting like an outsider were his initial strong  and vocal support of Obama’s Trade Agreement; his advocating for an increase in H1B-Visas; his changing views on a pathway to citizenship, code for amnesty; his co-authored bill to intertwine Common Core with Homeschoolers; and his absent vote for Auditing the Fed. Perhaps youthful silliness and meaningless, but Ted Cruz did answer a question his senior year in high school about his future goals for which he replied “I want to rule the world” and as a globalist pick, he just might.  Regardless of adolescent intentions, Bill Kristol accepted Cruz by stating “Ted Cruz is a conservative champion.”  And to Bill, conservatism means neo-conservatism.
The last final “acceptable” candidate for the global elite is Mitt Romney who filed a Statement of Organization with the FEC for MITT ROMNEY FOR PRESIDENT, INC on 1/30/2016.  Is this FEC filing part of Kristol’s “strategy to broker a convention and find an acceptable candidate to award delegates”?  Due to the timing and Romney’s recent attacks on Trump, a very high roller possibility.
Romney is definitely aligned with the new world order agenda as evident from having Bilderberger Zoellick on his last presidential campaign team. In addition, Romney agrees with the CFR on the Federal Reserve, healthcare, global warming, and gun control. His last campaign site even read like the Council on Foreign Relations website with the following statement:
  “Access to foreign markets is crucial to growing our economy. We must reassert American leadership in international negotiations, follow through on commitments we have already made, and push aggressively for advantageous new agreements.”
Unfortunately Irving Kristol and the other men who changed politics were so conniving, convincing, and effective with their neoconservatism message, they successfully reconditioned the population to believe the globalist neocon persuasion was American patriotism and to challenge their position was plainly UN-American.
Yet a serious study of the Founding Fathers and the Founding documents proves otherwise. George Washington wisely warned, “Overgrown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to liberty.”  He also said, “Guard against impostures of pretended patriotism.”.  Similarly James Madison declared, “If tyranny and oppression come to this land, it will be under the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” Based on those 3 Founding quotes alone, Americans must open their eyes, swallow their pride, and realize we have all been duped by traitors!  And these traitors are both furious and alarmed that their decades old scheme finally created an uprising for which they arrogantly did not expect.
Another relevant dot to connect is the work and fate of the deceased 5 year term Democrat Congressman Dr. Larry P. McDonald who sounded the alarm for years warning about the anti-American globalists and their schemes. In 1975 he wrote a congressional letter which announced, “Rockefeller (and company) intended to control first our own country and then the world….I am convinced there is a a plot, national and international.”  The following year he wrote the introduction to a book exposing Rockefeller titled, Rockefeller File.  The courageous Congressman penned, “”The drive of the Rockefellers and their allies is to create a one-world government combining supercapitalism and Communism under the same tent, all under their control…. Do I mean conspiracy? Yes I do. I am convinced there is such a plot, international in scope, generations old in planning, and incredibly evil in intent.”  Some years later, McDonald requested a congressional investigation of groups for which Rockefeller and allies were affiliated like the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations. Before the good Doctor’s untimely death in the mysterious Korean Airlines -Sea of Japan 1983 incident, he had declared his intention of campaigning for POTUS in the 1988 election cycle; the same year New-World-Order-Bush won the election.
The neoconservative global elite utilize their power and fortune to complete their treason via deception, media, political parties, public education system and elections.  In fact back in 1991 Rockefeller addressed a Trilateral Commission meeting stating the following eerie message:
“We are grateful to The Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subject to the bright lights of publicity during those years. But, the work is now much more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national autodetermination practiced in past centuries.”
Rockefeller and Irving Kristol were not only allies for the same “super-capitalism-communism-globalism” agenda known as neoconservatism, but they both recognized and respected each other as evident in the most-influential persons’ list Irving created for New York Magazine in 1971 citing David Rockefeller.  Although Irving is long gone, he passed the global baton to his son Bill.  Meanwhile David Rockefeller (age 100 ) is the CFR’s Honorary Chairman, Trilateral Commission’s Founder & Chairman and active Bilderberg member. Kristol and Rockefeller are leading voices for the one world order movement and members of their associated groups align with the same agenda.  Thus any POTUS candidate associated with their groups and one world ideas are “acceptable” choices for them.
This current election cycle the only candidates outside the establishment are ether alternative party contenders, Rand Paul, Dr. Ben Carson, or Donald J. Trump.  However Rand and Carson suspended their campaigns which leaves just Trump as the only anti-one-world-order candidate representing the “Grand Old Party”.  Unfortunately some registered republicans have believed the lies of the global-elite-controlled media, neocon political party leaders and CFR politicians that they view Trump as a foul-mouthed, womanizing, liberal democrat which is exactly what the Rockefeller groups want voters to believe in an attempt to stop the “outsider” from preventing the completion of their schemes.  These anti-Trumpers attempt to compare Donald to Obama when in-fact Ted Cruz is more like the current White House resident.
Indeed Donald spent time both as a registered democrat and an independent, however for the majority of his adult life, he has been a registered republican. The only people concerned about this matter are party loyalists and neoconservatives.  Frankly his voting trend shows an independent thinker outside the false left-right paradigm which is far more aligned with the Founding Father’s intentions as evident in George Washington’s words:

“However [political parties] may now and then answer popular ends, they are likely in the course of time and things, to become potent engines, by which cunning, ambitious, and unprincipled men will be enabled to subvert the power of the people and to usurp for themselves the reins of government, destroying afterwards the very engines which have lifted them to unjust dominion.”


Perhaps Trump’s boldness bothers those easily offended but we the people need to hire a fearless leader who is not part of the Rockefeller’s and accomplices tyranny program. Frankly not all the Founding Fathers were angels – egos, boozing, brawls and womanizing were among these men who accomplished a great feat in establishing a Free Republic!  As Jesus scolded, (John 8:7), “Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone..”



The globalist traitors worked around the clock successfully blinding, fooling, and indoctrinating the masses into believing the leftwing-rightwing rhetoric when in fact the agenda at the top is the same – destroy US sovereignty, disarm & enslave the masses, reduce the population, empower a one-world government while the elite increase their wars and profits. This proclamation is not new and from the Founding Fathers to modern day men like Congressman McDonald, Milton Friedman, Aaron Russo, G. Edward Griffin, and Dr. Ron Paul have warned of the plot against liberty by the likes of the Rockefellers and the Kristols who are now outraged that their end game is being exposed.  It is now time the American people discern and hear the message loud and clear and choose an acceptable candidate for “WE THE PEOPLE”  not Rockefeller’s “intellectual elite and world bankers”!


19 thoughts on “Trump, Cruz – Patriots or Partners with World Elite?

      1. CheleneNightingale Post author

        Hi Phillip, the best man for me is his father. Dr. RON Paul helped to educate me and many others. Senate is the best place for Rand for awhile. But yes Rand is indeed not part of the global elite establishment. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.


    1. wilbur12

      Indeed, it’s been a long ongoing fight. We’re called crazy, conspiracist while laying out proof after proof. Americans have got to open their eyes. Washington had it correct, it’s not protectionism to protect the sovereignty, economy and culture hard fought and sacrificed for.
      Apathy has to stop. It’s never been more evident we are not running or picking our government .
      Let’s take it back!

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    2. Jennie Walsh

      Thank you, Chelene, for exposing the secret members of the SECRET SATANIC, Globalist, New World Order, fascist, communist, socialist, corporatist, military industrial complex, international bankster-gangster, Satanic Illuminati, Rothschild Dynasty, City of London ORGANIZED CRIME SYNDICATE made up exclusively of murderers, war-mongers, liars and thieves. Exposing them to the light of day is a necessary step in overcoming their evils and destructions.

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  1. George Miller

    This one’s a doozy. Long, but packed with damning facts, good logic and it connects the dots This one’s a doozy. Long, but packed with damning facts, good logic and it connects the dots quite well.quite well.

    For those of you that think that Cruz is some sort of uber-Constitutionalist “outsider,” think again. He has surrounded himself with exactly the same kind of Globalist interventionists who have plagued our country for decades- the sort who George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower warned us about in their farewell speeches.

    Trump is far from perfect, but has America’s best interests at heart, has the needed skills, energy and determination, although I sure wish he would watch his mouth better. He is taking a big risk in just running, while he could be basking in the glory of his considerable accomplishments and enjoying working and playing with his wonderful family and friends.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Jeff Schwilk

    Excellent article, Chelene! Sharing this everywhere. Conservatives need to pull their heads out and wake up to the big picture and the TRUTH that you laid out so well here. Cruz is smart enough to know he could never get elected unless he hides his globalist past and connections and pretends to be an anti-establishment outsider.

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  3. Jennie Walsh

    Thank you, Chelene, for exposing the secret members of the SECRET SATANIC GLOBALIST, COMMUNIST, SOCIALIST, FASCIST, CORPORATIST, INTERNATIONAL BANKSTER-GANGSTER, MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX, ROTHSCHILD DYNASTY, SATANIC ILLUMINATI, CITYOF LONDON organized crime syndicate, made up exclusively of murderers, war-mongers, liars and thieves. Exposing them to the light of day is a very necessary step in overcoming their evil plots, plans and conspiracies and their murderous crimes.

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    1. CheleneNightingale Post author

      Hi Jennie! Thank you for your wonderful comment! AMEN – and it is exciting to live in these days to be a soldier for Christ and watch people awaken from the slumber!! Many blessings!


  4. Michael A. McKay

    The primary problem is in our churches. Churches are broken. Broken churches are impotent. They are unable to take effective action. To have a positive effect on our government, it needs to begin by having accountability in our broken churches. Michael A. McKay (509) 218-5525

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