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Upset Trump Won? What Is Wrong With You?

Can anyone please explain to me WHO these people are that are whining & crying about how “frightened” they are with a Trump Presidency?  The ones lamenting about how devastated they…

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A Trump Victory: All Glory to God

It has been a long road, capped off with a nail-biting race.  So many of us have been praying for a Trump victory. Against all odds, against corruption and a rigged system, against being hated by b…

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Have Comic Books Gotten Worse?

You may be thinking that I am some sort of IDIOT over the title but that title while fitting, is not what this article is about. It is really about how Comics have gotten to be in a worse state sin…

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The Grinch Stole America

‘Tis the Season to Be Jolly Fa la la la la la la la la!!

The other night I watched the traditional lighting of the New York Christmas tree with Mariah, Hootie (known now for his actual name Darius Rucker), Lauper and others belting out Christmas classics! Drinking a glass of eggnog (no, not spiked – this was family hour) and cozy wearing my Snuggy (yes I thought they were funny too until I received one as a gift – so for any last Christmas ideas…..).

Pumpkin pie spice in the air – thank you Fabreeze! And with visions of sugar plums…..oh uhm the music had carried me away and then it happened – the Grinch stole Christmas!

“This event almost did not happen……” The words were all a blur – wait this is a Christmas celebration. Why are you changing the mood? Then my twitter account alerts broke the mood even more with #shutitdown.

Trisha Yearwood’s joyous voice, Fabreeze, eggnog, and my Snuggy could not bring me back to jingle bells!

Christmas has always been my favorite time of year! The reminder of Jesus’ birth and normally the warm spirits and greetings people exude.

The smell of the colorfully decorated tree with homemade ornaments from your precious little angels; eager children (and some not so eager screaming at the top of their lungs) waiting in line to tell Santa what they want for Christmas; unexpected seasons greetings cards in the mail from childhood friends; neighbors inviting you to their holiday parties; the candle-lit packed Christmas Eve service with the manger scene gloriously displayed, and of course we cannot forget those extra pounds on the scale due to all the sinfully delicious holiday treats!

Christmas in America has been spirit and tradition-filled for years. The time of year in which people reflect and realize love is really all we need. However this year the Grinch is stealing Christmas in America.

Unless a person is living in a monastery (in constant meditation without any outside news and influence), everyone outside such a monastery has heard the chats of “hands up, don’t shoot” and “I cannot breathe” post non-guilt jury decisions involving police officers and deceased suspects. The protests, encouraged by alleged leader of the free world and a couple “reverends” creating chaos instead of God’s love and peace, have filled the streets of numerous major cites nationwide especially in New York, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Ferguson.

Albeit the mood in America this season is not so jolly, honestly this has been an unfortunate growing trend in America over recent years. From the decline of profits in holiday shopping sales to city council bans on Nativity Scenes.

Unfortunately the Thanksgiving to New Year calendar is not the only time the Grinch is present in America and no amount of patriotism from the tea party movement can mask the fundamental transformation lead by radicals with no love in their heart for the land of the free and the home of the brave!

Perhaps all these years were an illusion, however growing up in America was full of love, unity, patriotism, faith, and unity. Unfortunately at some point people decided it was so bad for them in the land of liberty that rebellion and demands filled with cruelty and hate for their fellow man-and-womankind filled the air.

We are a world of sinners so absolutely there are problems in not only America, but the world in existence. Yes we have a disturbing implementation of a police state. Yes life can be unfair. Yes no one is perfect. Yes people differ in culture, opinions, beliefs, interests, and values. But despite the issues, America is the land of dreams which bring immigrants to this country – a country for which they are able to have a better life.

Perhaps what we need is a “Wonderful Life” experience without America or without Christmas. Find out what the world would be like without a Republic, without a free market system, without love, without all the inventions created in this country like electricity, dental floss, fire alarms, dishwashers, baseball, jelly beans (yum), etc…..

America may not be the Garden of Eden, but this is only a temporary life and would it not be better to live this temporary life with love and forgiveness instead of lies and hate.

The excessive force in the New York incident was indeed tragic, but all the looting, hate, and beating innocent victims to death following this incident has been equally tragic. Darkness cannot expel darkness! Only the real reason for the season can restore pain.

The Grinch had a tiny heart filled with plotting revenge but in the end he opened up his eyes, his ears, and most importantly his heart. Why can’t we as Americans do the same?

Maybe it is time we all stop, reflect on Christmas’ past, smell the Fabreze, cuddle with a Snuggy with a cup of nog (maybe spiked is best this time) and pray for “peace, love and understanding”.

The Wake Up Mission Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio

The Wake Up Mission Online Radio | BlogTalkRadio.

Welcome to my Blog!

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.” One of my favorite lines from one of my favorite movies – “Dirty Dancing” – the original one with Patrick Swayze – back before Jennifer Grey went ‘Michael Jackson’. (Just a side here – Netflix how could you remove such a classic from your catalog? Thank goodness I own it!)

Like ‘Baby’ nobody puts me in a corner! True to a note an elementary school teacher wrote to my parents – “Chelene marches to the beat of her own drum.” Thank goodness I was an honor student, because otherwise I might have been in hot water – the teacher did not write this note as a compliment. (Yes children, even in the ‘dark ages’ the man tried to ridicule us all to conformity.)

Since I am a bit offbeat in the standards of society, my blog will be a reflection of my ‘upside down’ nature. Like Donny & Marie (dating myself here), I am a little bit rock-n-roll, but also a little bit country! In fact in one day, I can easily go from Scripture reading and watching “The Brady Bunch” on TVLand to drinking an adult beverage banging my head listening to KISS! (Or AC/DC with Bon Scott belting it out!)

So in true fashion, this little (or big) drummer girl is indeed an activist-entrepreneur-Christian-homeschool-mom who married a hard-headed musician with tats! (Numerous times friends have stated – “You all should be a reality show!” NAH!!! No cameras please – a blog is best – because with all this craziness – I actually love my privacy – okay yet another clue to my non-mold fitting in this life.)

My blog might be too adventurous for some, but for those who are game, stay tuned! The Chelene Nightingale blog will be a mixture of politics, business, motivation, homeschooling, parenting, and entertainment – hum like Hometown Buffet online – well without the feast, but at least you will not gain any pounds.

Oh and here is a warning – the political viewpoints will make your head explode if you are a radical aka communist/socialist/collectivist/liberal – so if “Rules for Radicals” is your favorite book, read with caution as you might end up using your Obamacare.

And yes blog readers, there are already one too many blogs on the super-information-highway and I am just cluttering it up more…WHY oh WHY? Well I am human – like everyone else I sin…no, there is not an 11th Commandment stating “Thou shall not establish yet another blog” – but there is something to be said about self-gratification (get your heads out of the gutter) – and indeed this blog is my self-fulfillment.

Rebelling against the man – er’ woman – Mrs. Smith, my high school honors English teacher, told me I should become a writer. All these years later, I admit I should have listened! Obviously I did not so deal with the grammar issues. Although I lack the technical skills, I absolutely love writing! (Thank you WordPress! Because of ‘you’, I can fulfill my written desires!)

Furthermore, I can vent!! My free speech may be censored on Facebook, but this is MY blog! Maybe this blog will cause me to be visited by men in black suits, but I will take the risk! “Give me liberty or give me death!”

Four years ago I was a liberty candidate for governor. I learned quite a bit from the campaign experience which included the fact the liberty movement lacks the funds of the opposing movement. Let’s change this fact! Read the opps page and join the Wake Up Mission! Pay close attention and go from serf to freedom!!

Finally, adult conversation! I love love love my boys!!!! And I would not trade homeschooling for public schooling any day of the week, but even the little girl in me wants to grow up sometimes! Okay yes I am a little off my rocker, but not completely insane – I do realize the blog is a one-way conversation, but at least I can write as an adult knowing there are other human beings over the age of 18 reading.

Like Baby I am taking a chance! Honestly a blog is not really that big of a risk, however it is me purging my inner thoughts (scary – not for me, for you!) So welcome to my blog!! Visit anytime!