Over the years people have made comparisons to many women from Joan of Arc to Joan Jett – perhaps due to my “little bit country – little bit rock-n-roll” personality. But no I am not a Joan! I am Chelene Nightingale (and yes this is my real name).

Oh and before you ask, no I have no ancestral relation to Nurse Nightingale, but by marriage, there is a family connection to the great motivator Earl Nightingale for whom I agree, “we become what we think about”.

Daughter of an Air Force veteran father and a very strong Italian-American mother so my roots are very patriotic American mixed with ‘a whole lotta feisty’! I stand passionately without apology for what I believe in which is GOD, Family, and Country!

My childhood years are filled with warm, loving and traditional memories. (Okay, so I said I was feisty – yes I rebelled as a teenager so my poor parents may not have the warm fuzzy memories of those few years.)

My adult years have been quite adventurous which could fill a book, so we will stick with just a brief overview in the career chapter.

My early beginnings in retail – all I remember are sore feet and fighting parents in the toy aisle during the ‘Tis the Season’ shopping rush! Thankfully someone thought I had the ‘look’ and plucked me out behind the cash register and in front of the Canon. Many runways and print ads later discovered my love for Shakespeare and Speilberg.

My name never made the main title next to Tom Cruise, however I did share brief screen time with him in “Jerry Maguire” although I booked several roles, I did not even become “Almost Famous”, but still to this day I fondly remember that hot summer day in Cafe Figaro on Melrose sharing the same space with film legend Jerry Ziesmer (truly a very nice man) and one of my absolute favorite writers/directors Cameron Crowe!

Other roles within the industry included a VP stint for a small distribution company, the cappuccino girl at a post facility, office girl for a music company, and production credits from children’s television to B films you do not want your mother to know about!

Although I truly loved the excitement (and very long hours) of “the industry”, once I became a mother, my priorities completely changed. Suddenly I wanted to live up to the last name and be a “nurse” for the whole world – shouting out about the injustices I witnessed unfolding before my eyes right here in America.

From Hollywood soundstages to Hollywood streets I marched – literally! Had I transformed back in time wearing flowers and beads? (This isn’t a science fiction blog.) These were new times – now the protesters wore red, white and blue waving, instead of burning, the American flag.

Besides the US DoJ observing my activities (yes true fact), the Constitution Party was also observing my political activism and asked me to represent them as a California Candidate for Governor. Our campaign broke third party records and ran a very respectful organization for which I am proud. However at the end of those long 18 months, I found myself exhausted and disillusioned, but God blessed me with an addition to my family once again which renewed my spirit.

But this renewed spirit was broke financially after years of political activism and this is when a fellow homeschooling mom shared a solution for my problem! Two years ago I entered the world of being my own boss working from home! AMEN!!!

Am I rich yet? No and far from it, however I have learned an incredible amount in this two year journey and since I agree with Earl Nightingale and also God, “we reap what we sow”, the lottery is just around the corner!

So journey with me as I take this path…..let’s “Think and Grow Rich” together!

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