The Wake Up Mission

My political journey compares to following Alice down the Rabbit Hole into the Matrix. Raised in a strictly conservative, military home, I was destined to register in the Reagan Party. However as a member of the X generation, our teachers were a mixture of old school American traditionalists and young hippie radicals. As a fan of rock music I romanticized the whole Woodstock era and thus allowed my head to be filled with lies and propaganda.

Politics was definitely not a way of life in my young adult years, however based on my worldview in the late 80s and early 90s, I easily could have been defined as a socialist. However early success and a mortgage plus listening to a “radical” (by globalist standards) billionaire Ross Perot brought me back to the family roots.

But early success and “hair bands” distracted me from paying attention to politics – in fact politics bored me. As a woman, I strongly believed, I needed to vote since that path was paved for our sex, but I simply voted party lines and then looked the other way without any care.

Then BOOM – 9/11!!! Not that I suddenly discovered an interest in politics, however I started pondering news, paid more attention to names on the ballot. A couple years later, my first child was born and it was like “taking the red pill” – my eyes began to open!

Today I BOLDLY question everything!! Democrats consider me “conservative” and establishment Republicans consider me “liberal”. Though Ron Paul Republicans relate just fine with me!! I have not supported establishment candidates since 2006. The last two presidential candidates for which I cast my vote were Pastor Chuck Baldwin (Constitution Party 2008) and Ron Paul (write-in 2012).

My hope is that my political comments in this section of the blog will raise awareness and questions!

This following clip is part of a documentary. Some of you will think it is nuts, others of you will ponder, and some of you will already know! I share as part of the #thewakeupmission.

4 thoughts on “The Wake Up Mission

  1. Greg Yancey

    I live in Shasta County, Ca…we have a very active Geo-Engineering watch program going on here…spearheaded by a local expert and published on his webpage:

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