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Branding Key to Achieving New Year’s Resolutions

Here is the latest blog for which I was commissioned to write for Affluent Life Branding


Waking Up Now!

Sunday morning is a time for worship for many of us.  A time for which we show gratitude and appreciation.  Some weeks it is a challenge to be thankful.  Believe me my life is far from perfect.  In fact as an adult when it comes to personal finances, I began my journey as middle class and by the time I reached my early 20’s, I lived financially free – owned a home, drove the typical red sports car most drive at such an early age with success…However a few youthful foolish choices later, I fell back to middle class which of course was still secure but those lavish vacations and Louis Vuttons had to be just a fond memory.  (Goodbye Nordstrom, Hello Target!)

Many years of the average American family income was survivable until the 2008 mortgage crisis!  Lost absolutely everything – the house, the SUV, the bank account.  It was gone.  Poverty is humbling and sometimes even humiliating.  Fortunately a local motel became the roof over our family’s head.until a kind lady  took a chance with us and approved our rental agreement.

The first few years were the most difficult….the 99cent store became our way of life.  Without any government assistance we were able to sustain, but crying on our knees when the electric was shut off due to non-pay due to insufficient funds became an often occurrence.

Campaigning in 2009 and 2010 proved challenging with little funds.  But even with the mocking and judgement of those attempting to smear my name with our family’s recent hardship, we garnered a very respectful third place breaking alternative party records. Why?  Because voters in California could relate.  With the highest bankruptcy, foreclosure, and unemployment rates in the once “Golden” State (and across the country) people were hurting.  The trend of homeless families became an epidemic.

Post the campaign. I needed to find employment to help us get back on track, but a series of unexpected events – grieving my mother’s battle with cancer loss, fracturing my foot in a martial arts class, an unplanned but blessed gift of life adding to our family created challenges to fulfill the j-o-b goal.

Then two years ago a fellow homeschooling mother had discovered an alternative income opportunity.  By this point desperation had settled in and the Christmas countdown had begun.  I decided to take what I considered a risk at the time.  So I accepted the invitation to listen to a Wednesday night conference call hosted by Gospel Jackson and Ashton Sanders (  Well Gospel’s words cut right through my skepticism, “If you are listening to this call, God has you right where He wants you.” WOW!!  That very night I took action and began my work-from-home journey.

Of course you are most likely thinking – “Oh here it comes…she became wealthy – shocker.”  Well no, I did not become wealthy!  The opportunity is not one which creates a mass income.  In fact the average income is $200-$500 per week.although there are many reports with screenshots of a few individuals earning over $1000 per week.  (Personally my best week was $1200 one time.  For a few short weeks I averaged $800 – $1000 per week.)  However this work-from-home job helped bring our family out of the darkest days of poverty, but more importantly this opportunity (see Incentaprize link on the “Opportunity Knocks” page of this blog) introduced me to an over trillion day per year industry and brought successful, positive people into my life.

A year of working the work-from-job, I began to venture out following the advice of Gospel and Ashton to have multiple streams of incomes.  I stumbled through 4 that just were not a match for me.  Then several months ago someone brought forth a residual income company called WakeUpNow.  Well with my Ron Paul Revolution background, the name certainly captured my attention.  However after failing with the four other opportunities, I treaded cautiously.

In the meantime, my husband suddenly decided to make a drastic change and without absolutely any discussion with me.  To say I was furious, is definitely an understatement!!  He declared that he was fed-up with his choice of work and was going to now start a business in a completely different industry.  This was without any planning, serious thought, or capital!!  Scenes from “Goodfellas” flashed in my brain, but then scripture verses did as well.  But the original thoughts helped me smile through the fury!

We had finally started recovering from the stresses of poverty when once again “it” reared its ugly head!  Some people are just not meant to become business owners.  Perhaps you the reader might be such a person.  It is wise to know one’s strengths and weaknesses before going on life changing adventures.

WakeUpNow came just in time!  After some research and due diligence, I realized this company was special.  For starters – the company was founded by Troy Muhlestein, a Constitutional Freedom defender who opted to use the Constitution and American flag in the company’s first advertisements.  His “mission” was to help struggling families in America.  Convincing me even more was that one of WUN’s products is the Taxbot created by Sandy Botkin, a former IRS attorney whom I had actually met at a Liberty event in San Francisco for which we were both speakers.  So the Constitution, Liberty, and Struggling Families – “Signs, signs, everywhere there’s signs…”(the rest of the lyrics bleeped since my 11 year-old reads this blog – love you son.)

The results of my research prompted me to contact Gospel and Ashton, who had presented me with the title “Director of Business Development” – a title I willing accepted without compensation due to their vision!  And in the titled capacity, presented them with my findings and suggested we add this residual income stream to the company as an opportunity that all the work-from-home agents could add to their work-from-home business.  The suggestion became a reality!!

A half-year later, I am still as thrilled with WUN!!!  So am I rich now?  No not in the monetary department, however WUN has given me hope for a brighter tomorrow – a life for which I can bless my family…knowing that the days of losing homes, utility shut-offs, and 99cent store dinners will be just a memory.  Soon it will be Goodbye Dollar Tree, Hello Target!