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Football, American Sniper and Apple Pie!

Along with millions of other viewers, I watched Superbowl XLIX which apparently just broke television records.  Since I am originally a Puget Sound resident, naturally I was cheering for the Seahawks.  (No I do not want to re-live the $5 billion mistake at the end – the Hawks had an easy victory…..ahhhhhhh!!!!  Tears streaming…okay, there is always next year Russell!)

But I do want to discuss the $4.5 million commercials. (Wow!  How is such a cost to run an ad even possible?  Especially while poverty is increasing….)  Costs aside, I observed the sentimental aspect this year.  In years past, most commercials produced target the funny bone, however this year, with a couple exceptions, Kleenex was needed instead.  From the once-again-heart-warming Budweiser commercials (they score every year!) to the nostalgic Brady Bunch spot, the trend seemed to be about returning to love and Americana.  Even McDonald’s and Coca-Cola participated with their “tell someone you love them” and “you matter” campaigns.  The wisdom of those who have lived a century was shared while letting girls know they are valued also struck a chord,

Why the sentiment this year?  Even while watching Russell Wilson emotionally pray during the National Anthem and hearing a loudly patriotic cheer from all afterward, I thought, “everyone seems to be longing for values and patriotism this year”.

Although the film AMERICAN SNIPER did not break “Superbowl weekend box office records”, it did rank number one again for the third straight week and just broke records for all time “war movie”, in addition to largest January box office of all time!

The combination of film, sport, advertising, and entertainment reflect a strong desire in America to return to Americana values of God, patriotism, and apple pie!  The recent mid-term elections proved the outrage of the majority who are rebelling against the “Obama-America-Change”.  Turns out most do not want “change” but instead TRADITION!

Like the Star Spangled Banner states, this country is “the home of the brave” and “the land of the free”.  This Free Republic was founded upon principles of God and Liberty.  Deep down, people crave morality and Americana values.  We do have a culture and one that has proved the test of time!  Many with socialist leanings who abhor Christian-Judeo foundations are desperately trying to “transform” this country into a “new world order” or “North American Union” however with the record breaking numbers at this weekend’s game and box office, I believe there is still a fighting spirit which longs for the good ol’ USA!

Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend

Mmmmmm….chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate brownies, no – chocolate cream pie with tons of whipped cream, but first get me the extra strength – this headache, these cramps – ouch!!

Women, you can relate and men, you know exactly what this means – stay away!!

Every month like a bad holiday – (okay a bad holiday does not exist, unless of course your favorite saying is “bah humbug”! ) – I feel bad for my family – all boys of course – not one female who can at least empathize with my ‘condition’….however they are trained well – they bring me a stash of chocolate, a box of Kleenex, and my stack of favorite movies which includes at least one Sandra Bullock film. Then suddenly for some odd reason they go into the Barney ‘clean up-cleanup, everyone do their share’ mode and suddenly, their rooms are clean and all the dishes neatly stacked in the cupboard.

Occasionally one at a time, they dare to come near and give me big hugs and tell me how much they love me, delicately ask if I need anything and then poof – just like that – alone again….well alone with the tissue, a movie, and my thoughts and emotions which take me on a very bumpy roller-coaster ride for which I cannot wait to end.

All the jokes I heard as a little girl forewarned of these days, but I was determined not to be like the majority of the female population.  No, not me, I am a peppy, happy go-lucky woman…well I have my moments, but mostly just ‘miss congeniality’.  I vowed to just be happy 365 days of the year! – Ahhhhhh..bah humbug!  Darn you Eve!

Well before the hot flashes and sleepless nights set in – might as well enjoy the extra hugs, Kleenex, and chocolates!