Dreams Do Come True!

Today I must take the “easy path” – true to my blog yesterday, helping the neighbor to move in here for now just to prevent him from being homeless.  My family’s Christmas gift to our community.  So with limited time, today I post a recording from two months ago which really applies today.  How do people end up in their dire financial circumstances?  Sometimes perhaps it is a series of unfortunate events, but most the time we have more control than we believe – so with faith and hard work, we can indeed achieve what we dream!  Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Dreams Do Come True!

  1. glenn kidd

    Chelene….awesome post! Lots of greatness taught here.. First let me say…I had no idea you’d been so all over the place with your accomplishments before coming to this business. Impressive! But what’s more impressive to me is that you would come to internet marketing, flourish very quickly, watch it fall apart, rebuild and become such a great teacher! Your words were exactly what I needed to hear right now. How do I build an accomplished business? How do I get people and be happy to work with them on a daily basis? How do I NOT be desperate and fill the gap with numbers…but truly “qualify” people into my ( and their own) business? Your time spoke reality of business concepts. Thank You!!!!

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