Chocolate is a Girl’s Best Friend

Mmmmmm….chocolate chip cookies, double chocolate brownies, no – chocolate cream pie with tons of whipped cream, but first get me the extra strength – this headache, these cramps – ouch!!

Women, you can relate and men, you know exactly what this means – stay away!!

Every month like a bad holiday – (okay a bad holiday does not exist, unless of course your favorite saying is “bah humbug”! ) – I feel bad for my family – all boys of course – not one female who can at least empathize with my ‘condition’….however they are trained well – they bring me a stash of chocolate, a box of Kleenex, and my stack of favorite movies which includes at least one Sandra Bullock film. Then suddenly for some odd reason they go into the Barney ‘clean up-cleanup, everyone do their share’ mode and suddenly, their rooms are clean and all the dishes neatly stacked in the cupboard.

Occasionally one at a time, they dare to come near and give me big hugs and tell me how much they love me, delicately ask if I need anything and then poof – just like that – alone again….well alone with the tissue, a movie, and my thoughts and emotions which take me on a very bumpy roller-coaster ride for which I cannot wait to end.

All the jokes I heard as a little girl forewarned of these days, but I was determined not to be like the majority of the female population.  No, not me, I am a peppy, happy go-lucky woman…well I have my moments, but mostly just ‘miss congeniality’.  I vowed to just be happy 365 days of the year! – Ahhhhhh..bah humbug!  Darn you Eve!

Well before the hot flashes and sleepless nights set in – might as well enjoy the extra hugs, Kleenex, and chocolates!


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