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Lowered global economic projections, increased racism worldwide, the movement to remove God from the public square, the balance shift of morality, wars and rumors of wars certainly paints the pictures of end times.  But is it really time for God to shoot a slam-dunk?

According to the description in the Book of Matthew, Chapter 24 in the Bible the days will be even more grim than the present before God “dunks” this Earth.  Perhaps this is not exactly promising for a bright future, however Isaiah 46:10 assures us that God is always in control and Isaiah 41:10 asks us to “not fear”.

Regardless of one’s faith (or lack of faith), we as individuals can contribute our part in creating a better world.  First, and foremost, Mark 12:31 states that the second greatest commandment (behind loving God) is to ‘love your neighbor’ while Matthew 6:14-15 requests we forgive others, or else we will not be forgiven.  So we the people can start by forgiving and loving even our enemies!

Second, allow people their own faith.  If one is an atheist, then why such a concern for those who are believers of God?  Instead of mocking those with faith and trying to ban them from the public square, just politely ignore and live your own life allowing others to live their lives their way!  In contrast, one can “witness” but we cannot “force”, so if someone does not want to “hear” then simply pray for them and let them be.

I recall growing up hearing my parents proclaim “never discuss politics or religion”.  With honor and respect to my parents and elders, I respectfully disagree.  It is this attitude which has contributed in creating such violent and cruel arguments in the public square regarding these matters.  Perhaps if we discussed more as rational adults instead of temper-tantrum children, more might be accomplished in unity.

In addition, stop listening to propaganda.  Get to the bottom of truth happening in this world.  Yes, the Internet can be your friend! Read evidence instead of taking the word of paid news broadcasters. Learn from others, share with others – an informed body of people is a people of freedom and liberty!  A controlled, lied to mass creates oppression and tyranny!

Finally take control of your personal finances!  In addition truly understand the global banking system.  One book I suggest reading is G. Edward Griffin’s “Creature from Jekyll Island”.  Be prepared and help others in need.

Instead of being a slam-dunk into the garbage can, let’s instead be a world of people celebrating a slam-dunk into VICTORY!


2 thoughts on “Slam-dunk?

  1. sisterpatriot

    Great points, Chelene. I agree with you that we MUST talk about religion & politics… or basically, what is going on in this world. Religion & politics can’t be separated. They go together. So many people are worried about offending someone else. You can have a polite, informed discussion without it turning into a knockdown drag-out. Political correctness has caused a lot of damage to our country, I think. ~~Sister Patriot



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