Phew! Calgon take me away!

I know millennials you are probably wondering what is Calgon?  See vintage clip below and please no dinosaur jokes – I am reminded daily by my oldest son….one of two sons inspiring my thoughts today.

Being a mother is honestly the most rewarding role in my life.  Although I enjoy helping others, working, and writing; no other title makes me happier than “mommy, mom, momma, mother”.

As a young girl I always dreamed big – winning an Oscar, traveling to South Africa to help the impoverished, dining at the White House, living in Italy during Spring, leading women’s rights around the world…but none of my dreams included getting married and bearing children.  Even playing Barbies listening to my friends imagining they were going to marry Ken and start a family did not stir up the inner mommy in me.

This single-minded lifestyle continued all through my 20s even with marriage proposals and friends carrying babies instead of Gucci’s as accessories, I remained steadfast with my big dreams and freedom.

Then “IT” happened!  The combination of ending my “prodigal daughter” days and turning the BIG 3-0, the ticking clock rang an alarm!  The life wheel suddenly did a sharp turn from the ‘yellow brick road’ to the lane with white picket fences. Like Dorothy’s tornado, I was swooped up in a whirlwind and when I landed I was sitting in a home on a family-style sofa with my husband’s arms around me while I held our baby in a swaddling blanket.  Surprisingly, it was one of the happiest moments of my life!

The joys of your child’s first sound, first steps, first hug and the one that brings tears of joys running down your cheeks, the words “I love you mommy” with a huge grin and sparkling innocent eyes.  Absolutely no words can fully express the sheer elation.

However with motherhood comes many sleepless nights, cleaning up accidents, holding your children when they are ill, cooking even when you personally are not hungry, and of course hiding behind the locked bathroom door for just a few moments of solace, even while your children are knocking at the door – “mommy, mommy”.  (Moms you can all relate.)

Every Saturday I always spend the entire morning with my children playing toys and games with them. No work, no phone calls, no chores – this is their time.  But today while the youngest was claiming “his territory” (aka momma) and pushing his older brother away which of course caused the older brother to retort, “she was my mom first”.  I took a look around the room amongst the chaos and noticed what an absolute disaster the room looked with toys everywhere – the laundry hamper overfilled, dirty dishes in the sink, dried crumbs under the dining room table and suddenly permeating in the air – the odor signaling time to stop playing and change training diapers while feeling the affects of only sleeping 4 hours once again…..CALGON TAKE ME AWAY!!

Not exactly an advertisement for “become a mom – it is a joy”, but even those “Calgon” moments add to the whole experience!  How you may wonder?  Through all trials and tribulations we build character, bonding, and memories which are absolutely priceless!  And it is those moments that help you create solutions to improve the home.

Today I decided to have a large basket in each room for which my boys can play a game called ‘pick it up’ –  adding toys  to the basket.  And for each basket that gets filled, they get a special treat or a quarter – their choice.

Plus, we sing the old annoying Barney song – “Clean up, clean up everyone do their share” which makes the youngest giggle and the oldest cringe but moving him into action!  In no time a cleaner home!

These activities help guide children with a sense of responsibility and personal accountability with a cheerful attitude while bonding with mom.

Afterward it was snack time and mommy took the opportunity to recline – no sleep, not with two active boys, but at least it was some downtime before going to work on the computer while my hyper boys ran around the room making all types of noise – ahhh the chaos and joy of motherhood! Nothing better – no Oscar, no Spring in Italy is a better dream than the reality of being a mom!


2 thoughts on “Phew! Calgon take me away!

  1. glenn kidd

    I miss the days of the kids being that kind of young. But the Calgon soaks did help (even as a dad LOL!) Sweet game choice and lesson for the kids.



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